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We Teach Everything Tech 
Apple & Windows (PC)

Who We Are & What We Do

Skills4.Work is your ideal partner for comprehensive and consistent tech training to improve your skillset on the go. Take charge of businesses, run solo entrepreneurship, or master a white-collar job. We specialize and focus on individual and team training equally for a dynamic tool application and familiarity. 

Get accustomed to working on any platform like Microsoft or Apple. Grow professionally, personally, and immensely always.

Services We Offer :


Unlock Microsoft Mastery

Explore the full potential of the Microsoft Office suite, from mastering Excel spreadsheets to streamlining your workflow with Word and PowerPoint.


Indulge in Apple Proficiency

Dive into the world of Apple products and applications, gaining expertise in utilizing Mac OS, iOS, and various productivity tools.


Modern and Enhanced Typing Techniques

 Enhance your typing speed and accuracy with our specialized typing courses, essential for improving efficiency in any digital environment.


Explore Data Analytics

Delve into the realm of data analytics and visualization, equipping yourself with the skills needed to interpret and analyze complex data sets.


Solidify Linux Mastery

Explore the fundamentals of Linux operating systems, understanding its architecture and command-line interface for enhanced productivity and versatility.


Learn Cyber Security Basics

Get insights into essential cyber security practices to safeguard your digital assets and mitigate potential threats in today's interconnected world.


Master Windows Applications

Learn essential Windows applications, from basic utilities to advanced productivity software, optimizing your workflow and productivity.


Learn Admin, Email Marketing & Lead Reporting Tactics

It is one of the most power-packed applications to beat today’s competitive market. Let us at Skills4. Work helps you learn about and apply the same in your business or job to get to new heights. We get you familiar with the platform to access cutting-edge marketing techniques and simple management. From regulating user access to improving marketing campaigns, our reporting services offer important insights into your email and SMS marketing operations.

Get comprehensive reports on your SMS and email marketing initiatives to get informative information that will help you improve your tactics and increase results. It gives you better insights into customer information, account planning, time management, and team collaboration. Appropriate customer data helps you plan a product or service for them accordingly and create a unique user portfolio. Additionally, when you have more time, you can learn about new tools and technologies to improve your personal grounds and collaborate better with teams.

Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_logo.svg (1).png

Linux ~ Ubuntu & RedHat Enterprise Linux: Basic to Professional Courses For You

If you're thinking about mastering Linux but aren't sure where to begin, Skills4. Work is your go-to partner. Our experienced counsel can offer you the necessary support and tools to ensure a smooth transition. Our Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) instructions are suitable for users of all skill levels, whether they are beginners or professionals.


We focus on the foundations, learn important commands, and assist you in easily unlocking the full potential of these powerful operating systems. Whether you want to join a stable company or a move-fast company, getting proficient with Linux Ubuntu and RHEL Linux gives you the benefits of longevity and reliability over your operating system. Check out the differences, navigate proficiently, and become an expert in your Linux venture with our step-by-step instructions.


Create Memorable Experiences Using Image & Video-editing Tools

Create revolutionizing videos, shorts, and reels learning from new tools with manual and AI applications. Explore and master the world of video editing with top-notch tools to beat competitors and extract a high number of views. Similarly, learned the skills to edit images to match dynamic platform, application, and OS requirements quickly. 


Compelling and engaging videos create memorable user journeys. Make a name and stand out from others with our intensive video editing and image designing training to stay ahead in all areas. Let your videos and images speak for themselves. It could help in your website designing career as well. Explore all opportunities with us. 


Become A Pro at Data Analytics with Excel Pivot Tables, SQL, Power BI, or Tableau To Manage Large and Medium-sized Data Sets Seamlessly

Our cutting-edge training program allows you to experience the power of data analytics. You will learn how to analyze big and medium-sized datasets by maximizing the potential of pivot tables to derive useful insights.


Get state-of-the-art hands-on experience with all new updates, allowing you to easily alter data, generate dynamic visuals, and obtain a thorough grasp of your company metrics. Learn how to summarize large data sets quickly with easy formulas. Become flexible at data analysis and create interactive dashboards for your team to follow. Master the art of automating updates on pivot tables with the help of Power BI. Enroll in our training program today and take your business to the next level!

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